Fun and Sun

We were so happy to have my sister, Becky and friend, Janine come down…even though it was a short time, we tried to pack as much fun into it as we could.  It was a bit disappointing to have the only storm we had this year while they were here.  Then my mom and brother, John came up for the day from San Jose.  It was fun to show them around our winter stomping grounds.

It is a rite of passage to go to Three Dog Corner when visiting Los Barriles.  It is just a dirt parking lot, the cooking trailer has a flat tire, but on Friday and Saturday nights when Mama is cooking, the place is packed.

On Saturday, we headed down to Cabo Pulmo…it is a protected marine reef . We had a blast…well, once we got there…it was about 12 miles of bumps and washboards.  The snorkeling was amazing, whales were putting on quite a show, the sea lions were being extremely lazy and we saw a sea turtle and manta ray.


We got in some fun on the beach…found lots of sea glass and sea shells…Yes, Becky is going to have us working on lots of fun projects.

The only storm this season had to come through while Becky and Janine were here and we had to cancel plans to walk into a great waterfall…next time!  They did get a little sunburned while on the beach and I think that exaggerated the cold conditions.  So we had time to watch movies and work on puzzles.

LOVED…LOVED…LOVED having my family come here to where we have been spending the winter months the last 3 years.  My mom and brother, John, came up from San Jose del Cabo for the day and took Becky and Janine back with them.

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More Fun with V’s

Going through photos and found more fun times with Jim and Jodi that did not get in the last post…so here they are.  See you guys at home pretty soon.


Justi hard at work.


Jodi and Jim watching Justi out in the water.


Out on our morning walk along the beach and just happened upon a photo shoot.


Fun day at Cabo Pulmo

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Fun Times with Home Town Friends

We had a great time hanging out with Jim and Jodi (and Jacie), who were here for 2 weeks to visit their daughter, Justi.  Justi is a kiteboard instructor here in Los Barriles during the winter season.  It is a small world.


Pools at Snorkel Beach


The V’s lookiing for critters.


Some hermit crabs on the beach…of course, I wanted the sea shells but could not get them to leave.


A memorial built into the rocks at Snorkel Beach


Beautiful views


Our girl Justi…what a free spirit!


Jacie and Justi … bonding?


Jodi getting paddle board instructions from Richie.


It did not take her long … she is a natural.


Awww Jacie


Justi and Jodi … on the open sea


Rich and Jim … our cabana boys?



Living the Dream


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Misc. Los Barriles Days


Loving Life


Even the dogs enjoy the sunshine


Rich was thinking of renewing his pilot license.


Our pet gecko


Day outing with the girls


Corte, Linda and Russ … favorite mode of transportation around here


Rich is wanting to get a cap or shirt here, but is scared to go in by himself…so picture out front will have to do.


Beautiful tile work


Sweetheart Dinner


Crashing in the surf


007 Ricardo Craig


Shrimp boat off the beach

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El Triumfo

Made a road trip up north to do a little exploring and have lunch in the mining town of El Triumfo.


an iguana friend


wood fire oven that baked the pizzas we had for lunch


I admit I have a “thing” for doors…this door was the entrance to an old military prison.


Another door inside the prison


a painting that is sitting out in the elements


Rich talking with Lincoln…a local historian who always has stories to tell.


The execution wall is on the outside of the old prison, but is in the El Triumfo Caffe…who can sit right there and eat your meal.


More doors




smoke stack


Supposedly the first baseball diamond in Baja … and possibly in Mexico.

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Carnival Parade in Los Barriles

Finally getting to some of my backlogged blogs…time is getting away from me.  We enjoyed the parade in Los Barriless…sunshine, the community comes out to participate and watch, love the kids, always enjoyable!

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Lighthouse ATV Ride

What fun we had on the atv ride to the lighthouse beach!!  It was about a 20 mile each direction ride through all kinds of terrain…along the beach, desert and cacti, sand-dunes,  flats with water and mangroves.


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