Fun and Sun

We were so happy to have my sister, Becky and friend, Janine come down…even though it was a short time, we tried to pack as much fun into it as we could.  It was a bit disappointing to have the only storm we had this year while they were here.  Then my mom and brother, John came up for the day from San Jose.  It was fun to show them around our winter stomping grounds.

It is a rite of passage to go to Three Dog Corner when visiting Los Barriles.  It is just a dirt parking lot, the cooking trailer has a flat tire, but on Friday and Saturday nights when Mama is cooking, the place is packed.

On Saturday, we headed down to Cabo Pulmo…it is a protected marine reef . We had a blast…well, once we got there…it was about 12 miles of bumps and washboards.  The snorkeling was amazing, whales were putting on quite a show, the sea lions were being extremely lazy and we saw a sea turtle and manta ray.


We got in some fun on the beach…found lots of sea glass and sea shells…Yes, Becky is going to have us working on lots of fun projects.

The only storm this season had to come through while Becky and Janine were here and we had to cancel plans to walk into a great waterfall…next time!  They did get a little sunburned while on the beach and I think that exaggerated the cold conditions.  So we had time to watch movies and work on puzzles.

LOVED…LOVED…LOVED having my family come here to where we have been spending the winter months the last 3 years.  My mom and brother, John, came up from San Jose del Cabo for the day and took Becky and Janine back with them.


About Rich and Deb Hendrix

Rich and Deb have retired and are now living the dream. We are loving our time in Montana, spending winters in the Baja, checking out the sights and enjoying life.
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One Response to Fun and Sun

  1. ANGELA FRENCH says:

    Glad to see you guys are having a blast!. We love following your blog. We had a ice storm this past week and sure miss the sun and sand. Thanks again for the Los Barriles grand tour. We loved our time together with you guys. Adios Don and Angela

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