Down the Baja…by ourselves.

It was bittersweet waking up this morning…excited to being our adventures down the Baja, but sad that we would not have our travel buddies with us.

Our Mexican insurance did not begin until noon, so we did not have to get an early start.  We stopped by the bank to get some pesos and the sporting goods store to load the standup paddle board we had purchased on the top rack of the truck.

When we arrived at the border in Tecate, we walked across to get our Visas which was a very easy process.  Last year we just followed Vern and Joan, so this year armed with maps we had to find our own way through Tecate, Ensenada and other towns heading south.

The northern region of the Baja is a major wine and agricultural area (olives, vegetables and chili peppers are the principal crops).

IMG_1635  IMG_1603  IMG_1611  IMG_1619

Our first night was spent at Jardines Hotel in San Quintin.  Since we had a later start crossing the border, it was dark by the time we arrived in San Quintin.  The hotel is a bit off the main road, but there is a big sign at the turn….well, the lights were not working on the sign, so it took us a few trips back and forth on the highway before we made a turn and then it was just luck that we found the place!  But it is a nice place to stay and they have security so we did not have to unload the paddle board and bikes…yea!

At Jardines Hotel

At Jardines Hotel

Our second day takes us into more of a desert region with cirio trees, cardon cacti and a spectacular landscape of large boulder formations.

IMG_1635  IMG_1636

IMG_1644  IMG_1648

We ended our second day of travel staying again at the Ignactio Springs Bed and Breakfast.  They had a pretty spot with yurts surrounded by date palms.  Flooding from the hurricane hit them pretty hard and damaged most of the yurts and they had to replace them with concrete walls with just the yurt ceilings.

As we left the palm groves of San Ignacio we wind through low hills towards a large mountain mass with 3 volcanic cones rising above the desert.  Then we drop via miles of switchbacks to the Gulf of California.  Stopped at Playa Santispac for a cervasa and stroll along the bay.  Nice spot that a lot of RVers stay.

IMG_1663   IMG_1672

Living the Dream

   Living the Dream

We arrived in Loreto in the early afternoon, so once we got the bikes and paddleboard unloaded and into our room, we went out exploring.

Courtyard at Hotel Posada del Cortes

Courtyard at Hotel Posada del Cortes


oh yes,  a couple of margaritas

oh yes, a couple of margaritas

When we leave the next morning, we follow the coastline for awhile and then turn inland and climb via sharp switchbacks.  This is another agricultural area; cotton, wheat, corn and fruit orchards.  We skirted the edge of La Paz, which sits on the largest bay on the west side of the Gulf of California.

IMG_1699  IMG_1704  IMG_1712  IMG_1718

Made it to Los Barrilles in the early afternoon.  Great to see Truax’s and get settled in our home for the next 3 months.  See you soon with more adventures.


About Rich and Deb Hendrix

Rich and Deb have retired and are now living the dream. We are loving our time in Montana, spending winters in the Baja, checking out the sights and enjoying life.
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