You might be asking yourself where in the heck is Tonapah…it really is out in the middle of nowhere! Though it is home to one of the largest nuclear plants in the US.

While in Butte at a car show this summer, we got talking with this guy from Anaconda and he said that they winter at the Saddle Mountain RV Park in Tonapah, AZ and if we came by to stop in and see him. So we did 🙂 Earl actually showed us around, took Rich out to locate a few rocks in the desert and even drew him a map of where to find other treasures. So…we headed out into the desert and filled our bucket with lots of great rocks…only to have Earl pretty much toss them all out!! 🙂

Speaking of old friends, I realized that I actually knew someone who lived in Tonapah!!! Yep! After asking everyone we ran into if they knew her, a very nice postal employee called her number and I was able to leave a message. I was so excited when Gayla called me back and we were able to set up a time to get together. Gayla was working the night shift at the nuclear plant and got off work at 6 a.m. … yes a.m. It does not matter where or what time we could get together, after 15 years I would have gotten up at any time to see her! Let me tell you…my friend, Gayla, is so funny and has not changed a bit!! We had lots of great memories and lots of laughs from 15 years ago.

Santa and Mrs. Claus did drive around the park in a very decorated and lit up golf cart…guess they were checking their nice and naughty lists.

Rock Hound Richie

Rock Hound Richie

Not going to say a thing...those of you who know Rich will understand.

Not going to say a thing…those of you who know Rich will understand.

Beautiful AZ sunset

Beautiful AZ sunset

Santa Claus is coming to town.

Santa Claus is coming to town.





About Rich and Deb Hendrix

Rich and Deb have retired and are now living the dream. We are loving our time in Montana, spending winters in the Baja, checking out the sights and enjoying life.
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    Live that Christmas Dream!!!!!! Hugs from Helena

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