So much to be thankful for…life is good. The family was all meeting up in Layton, UT where my brothers John and Steve live. Bri, Tymon, my parents, sister Becky and family all came from Montana; brother Greg and family drove over from Elko, NV and Rich and I drove up from Mesquite, NV. It was so nice to see everyone…that is one downfall about this traveling…you really do miss so many people. Nice weather in Layton on Thanksgiving Day…we played several totally fun games of street lightening, had a nice dinner (even though we did break the microwave…sorry Steve…it really was totally mom…haha), and played some card games. Friday morning we did get out to do some shopping…though no one wanted to get up really early. It was great to meet up with my friend Gina Fuller…too short of time though! Friday night most of the family went into a Jazz basketball game…SLC had Christmas decorations up and it was beautiful. All too soon, it was time for everyone to head home…it was so awesome to have everyone together…love you all!


About Rich and Deb Hendrix

Rich and Deb have retired and are now living the dream. We are loving our time in Montana, spending winters in the Baja, checking out the sights and enjoying life.
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