Mesa Verde

All I can say is another WOW!!  We drove over to Mesa Verde National Park in CO.  The remains of Ancestral Puebloan dwellings are visible on the mesa tops, but the coolest are the cliff dwellings.  Real cliffs!!! Steep cliffs!!  It is really quite impossible to believe that the Indians built and lived in these dwellings down the sheer face of these cliffs.  We were able to tour Spruce Tree House and get some close-up shots.  We were also able to go down into a restored kiva, which is where they held ceremonies. Cliff Palace is the largest of the cliff dwellings.  The tours had ended for the season so we were not able to do the tour, but did get some great photos from the overlook.  We are really enjoying all the visits to the National Parks…yay…for Rich being old enough for a Golden Pass.  We did see some wildlife…some wild turkeys and a small tarantula.





About Rich and Deb Hendrix

Rich and Deb have retired and are now living the dream. We are loving our time in Montana, spending winters in the Baja, checking out the sights and enjoying life.
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3 Responses to Mesa Verde

  1. Sandy Wunderlich says:

    I am SO enjoying your blog. I show it to Roy every time and we sigh… day soon we will be doing that, too! Love the pics, too. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures! Do you eat out often or do the cooking in your camper? Take care! Sandy

    • Hi Sandy…we are having a great time. Bri is my wake up call each morning…she calls on her way to work…haha, but I am still in bed! 🙂 We do our cooking and pack lunches when going on hikes…have only eaten out when we are traveling. We pull out tomorrow morning and who knows where we will end up. Thanks for keeping up with us. Hugs, Deb

  2. Bri says:

    Ahhhh spider….ugh giving me the creeps right now! All the pictures are great, love you guys!!

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