March Madness

Hola friends,

March is quickly coming to an end, but did we ever pack a lot of fun into it.

My friend Joan was able to escape the snowy days in Montana and get in some fun in the sun here on the Baja.


When it comes to animals on the Baja, anything goes.  Enjoy these glimpses into an ordinary day in the life of animals around here.

Full Moon rising over the Sea of Cortez …

Friends + sunshine + sand/ocean = Unforgettable Memories   Thanks to our friends, Don and Angela …  we have many moments to remember!

Random photos of a day in our life …

Here are a few last shots of the beauty of the Baja …




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Life is Great

We cannot believe that our Baja winter is 2/3’s over.  The weather has been a bit windier than normal (the kiters are really liking it), but the sun is shining and we are living life.

We are feeling so fortunate to have our friends, Don and Angela, here to join us in our adventures.  Great friends, Great food, Great fun.

Fun new adventure to Agua Caliente (hot springs) with Angela and Don.  The springs came right out of the rocks with different temperature pools made along side the rock wall.  There were also fish in the pools that would nibble at your ankles and legs … great exfoliation.  What a sweet senor to take a few pesos for pool entrance.


Pickle Ball here we come 🙂  Great fun and exercise and we are even learning a few things.  One of those things we have learned is to re-hydrate afterwards.

With horse power (quads) under our bottoms, some cervazas in our coolers and a few snacks, we made our way up the arroyo to the quaint waterfall.The last hurricane washed out the boulders that encircled the pool under the waterfall. Now there is just a shallow stream of water.

So blessed to spend your live with the person you love.

Sometimes life throws certain people into your life … you do not know why, but feel like it is for the best.  We have so much fun with Angela and Don…whether it is riding quads, sitting on the beach, playing games, ok…cervasa and wine, oh my.

Day spent on the beach…life is good!

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Living Life in La Paz

We feel fortunate in many ways to have met Jim and Deb from Ohio several years ago in Los Barriles.  We have had many fun adventures with them.  They usually spend several weeks in Los Barriles and then move up to La Paz for a couple of months.  The last two years, they have extended an invitation to visit them.  What fun we had at Paraiso Del Mar … beautiful condos located on the El Mogote peninsula west of La Paz.  With being on the peninsula, you take a water taxi back and forth … OR … you can drive the 10 miles on a unpaved, dirt, washboard, dusty road that takes about 45 minutes and shakes the license plate right off your vehicle.  Yep, that’s what we did this year 🙂

The condos are beautiful, the beach is absolutely perfect for walking and the company was the best.  Also joining us were Angie and Don & Wendy and Ian.  We spent time on the beach, at the pool, dinners and dancing.

We had a fun day exploring Balandra Beach and Tecolote Beach.  Beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, shells and sea glass, and views of Mushroom Rock and the Isla Espiritu Santo.

Thanks to Deb, Jim, Angie and Don for joining us in all our fun.


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The Sunny and Windy Days of January

It did not take us long to get settled into  a relaxing routine here in Los Barriles. Along with the wind, we have had some sunny days and some cooler days.  A normal day for us usually begins by taking our cup of tea/coffee down to the beach for the sunrise.  What an awesome way to start the day.  About 7:30 Corte, Linda and their sweet dog, Meggy, pick us up for our walk.  We start our approximately 3 mile walk at the beach and then head up towards the hills.  After our walk, we have breakfast, some days we hang out and read, some days we head to the beach with the paddle board, and some days we beach comb looking for sea shells and sea glass.  Pretty much relaxing is the name of the game.  Most evenings will find us watching a movie or playing games with Corte and Linda.

Following are some pictures of our every day life here in Los Barriles:

January in the Baja brings big winds and because of that this area is one of the best kiteboarding spots around.  Los Barriles is host to the Lord of the Wind and this year was the 7th annual kiteboard competition.  It is quite the sight to see all the kites and riders soaring over the waves.  Of course, we have our “local” favorite  … Justi is from our home town, grew up with our daughter, and is a kiteboard instructor here during the winter months.  Small world, huh!!  So here are a few photos I took.

It is always fun to do a bit of exploring in the neighboring areas.  Here are some photos of Santiago and the beach areas between Santiago and Los Barriles.

One day we headed to the old mining town of El Triumfo to take in the sights and eat paella.

One of the main modes of transportation around here is the quad or ATV.  We love riding the quad along the beach.  The group quad ride we just went on headed through the arroyos, along the beach and even right down the paved road and through an unplanned military checkpoint.  We went into bat caves  … yes, there were lots of bats there !  There were even some large honeycombs at the cave entrance.

I will end this post with some of the beautiful sunrises, animals, flowers and scenery in this area.

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Living the Dream Continues 2017

As we leave the snowy days in Montana and the 2016 year, we are looking ahead to the sandy beaches of the Baja and wondering just what 2017 has in store for us.


Enjoyed spending time with friends in CA and brought in the New Year with family.  We actually closed down the bowling alley at 2am … yes, we did stay up later than our kids!

We were absolutely amazed at the beauty, workmanship and wow factor as we viewed the floats of the Rose Parade.  We stayed a couple days with friends in Lawndale and had a blast viewing the floats with them and having dinner at an authentic German restaurant.  Here are just a few of the shots…I just kept taking pictures.

Then we were on to meet our Baja Travel Buddies and head across the border.


As we travel the Baja, we have found nice hotels that are in the right area so we are not traveling at night.  Our first nights stop is at Jardines Baja in San Quitin and the second night is at La Huerta in San Ignacio.  As we arrived in the town of San Quitin, we came upon quite a surprise.  Protesters had barricaded the roads, blocked off the gas stations and had hundreds of semi trucks stopped.  They were protesting the price increase the government had imposed on gasoline.  Vehicles were able to get around the edges of the semis and take all kinds of back roads to get through town.  When we finally made it to the hotel, we were told that there was no gas going south.  Plans were made to spend a couple of nights there … not much of a hardship since it is a very nice hotel and they have a really nice restaurant and bar next door.  Nothing else to do but have a few Pacificos and margaritas…awwww!

The next morning we were told they did have gas in a few towns south of us, but none in San Ignacio (which was our next destination).  So we took our chances, headed south  and stopped at each gas station that was open and topped off all the way to San Ignacio.


Our hotel in San Ignacio is also very nice (both these hotels cost about $40/night) and they just opened a great restaurant next door.  I had the Imperial Shrimp and it was delicious!!!

Just a little excitement … the rest of our trip down went great…a few cervasa stops on the way and we made it to Los Barriles in one piece.


This is our casa for the winter.  Living the Dream 2017 to be continued.


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My brother and family are spending spring break in San Jose del Cabo, so Rich and I headed south to spend the day with them.  We decided to go into Cabo San Lucas and take in some of the sites.  I have been so blessed this year to have so many family members visit while we are here in Mexico.  Always have fun with these guys.


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So, so enjoyed the time that our friend Mary Buck was here.  She is just a blast and has the biggest heart of anyone I know.  She came down with a luggage bag full of food…pork loin, bacon, corn beef, shredded cheese, Baileys and vodka.  Gotta love a girl that has a bag filled with this and only has a carry on for clothes and swimsuits!

Fun quad ride up the arroyo to a small waterfall.  Before the hurricane, there was a nice pool, but the storm moved a lot of rocks and there is now just a stream.

Our friend Russ was not feeling his best and was leaving to go to his daughter’s in the states to get some medical attention.  So we spent as much time as we could with him before he left…11:30 am rum and cokes at his house each morning, St. Patrick’s Day dinner, and lots of discussions (yea, that is what we called them).

Buckaroo..hoping you will be returning to Los Barriles next year!  See you at home in another month.

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